Monday, December 23, 2013

City of Nanaimo CUPE Wages

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CUPE Hourly Rates - City of Nanaimo

The above charts show the current hourly rates for CUPE employees working for the city of Nanaimo. This contract expires Dec. 31, 2013 and is expected to be renewed for the traditional 2% across the board increase.

Remember these are hourly rates and will not include benefits such as medical, dental and pension contributions that may also be included.

A few examples of some jobs which are included in different levels:

Level 1: no job descriptions are outlined. $23.00/hr.
Level 2: Clerk (temp/casual), labourer,$23.99/hr.
Level 3: Cashier, $24.98/hr.
Level 4: Custodian, truck driver, water meter reader $25.99/hr.
Level 5:  Invoice Clerk, sanitation worker, zamboni driver $26.98/hr.
Level 6: Accounting clerk, asphalt operator/truckdriver $27.97/hr.
Level 7: Accounts payable clerk, allocations clerk, customer service rep $28.97/hr.
Level 8: 911 emergency services operator, parks utility worker$29.95/ hr.
Level 9: Accounting clerk, payroll, CAD technician$30.96/ hr.
Level 10 Bylaw enforcement officer, asst. accountant, capital assets$31.95/hr.
Level 11 Communications coordinator, programmer/network analyst$33.77
Level 12 sewer foreman, water resources technologist$35.85/hr.
Level 13 Grants coordinator, senior applications analyst$38.22/hr
Level 14 Accountant, financial analyst$40.88/hr.
Level 15 Senior accountant, subdivision planner$43.83/hr.


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