Sunday, December 15, 2013

Councillor Anderson Wants Chairs Changed

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Estimated Cost $8,000
to accommodate the appearance of how council debates....

During the last council meeting Councilor George Anderson expressed his desire to spend the estimated $8,000 to arrange council seating sooner rather than later.

If you listen to the above clip you will hear that Councilor Anderson seems to think council will appear to be debating each other if the seating arrangement is changed. Really?? For council to appear to be debating they actually need to be debating.

As one who has been watching council for many years, I have often wondered when they actually make their decisions, as there really seems to be very little debate on matters of importance. In fact I often wondered if the real decisions weren't actually made during the Monday morning 'rehearshal' (as Councilor Sherry called them), as there does seem little real deliberation during a council meeting.

You may recall during the first five months of 2013, this Council did almost no meaningful bebate of a $170,000,000 budget.

An Anderson Contradiction?

After expressing his belief that spending $8,000 rearranging the chairs would somehow improve the performance of this council, I believe Councillor Anderson voted against the motion to accept the recommendations.


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  1. It's good to know Councillor Anderson knows what is important! LOL. ....Oh wait, this isn't funny at all, it is rather bothersome.


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