Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Does Mr. Berry Come With Ms Habkirk?

Council approved spending $8500 to hire Ms. Allison Habrick to prepare documents explaining the roles of the Mayor and council and how they interact with staff. At least that is what I think she is being hired for. It really is hard to keep up with what staff or council is supposed to be learning at the taxpayers expense these past years.

In any case as evidenced by the screengrab taken from Jerry Berry Consultants website, Ms Habkirk seems to be an associate of Mr. Berry.

You may recall that Mr. Berry left the city's employ a few years back with a half million dollar handshake no less. If it is his firm the city is employing via an agreement with Ms. Habkirk, perhaps it wouldn't be too much to ask that the fees be waived in consideration of that half million dollar handshake?


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