Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nanaimo 2013 Christmas Lights Winners

2013 Spirit of Christmas
Residential Light Up Winners 

Over the holidays be sure to grab a thermos of hot chocolate, plug the following addresses into the gps and head out for at least two nights to capture some of the magic of the season. Once again the Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Christmas Light Up contest and this years winners are sure to please young and old alike. The list has some perennial favourites and lots of newcomers as well.

Of course when you are out taking in these wonderful sights, you are sure to see many, many more that weren't in the contest as Nanaimo homes capture the Spirit of Christmas. 

FIRST - 6262 Olympia Way
SECOND - 921 Cadogan
THIRD - 1205 Townsite Road

Honorable Mention
- 2251 Bellwood Road
- 365 Howard Avenue

Special Mention:

3592 Fairview Drive
5152 Sams Way
3930 Rock City Road
6247 Olympia Way
520 Churchill
Canterbury Place
6122 & 6120 Somerside Place
5909 Tasha Place
2172 Latimer Road
2027 Latimer Road
544 Weber St
5994, 5998, 6002, 6010 Icarus Drive
5909 Tasha Place
6301 McGirr
101, 129, 173 Black Powder Trail
Shammy’s Place cul‐de‐sac
3734 & 3801 MacIsaac Place
3361 Bournemouth
Villa Road
2159 Bay Street
710 & 730 Hunter
434 & 449 Renfrew
Shady Mile Way
1615 Cardinal Way
4311 Jingle Pot Road (off Labieux)

Google Map Helps Plan Your Trip

A blog reader, Katia Dixon has mapped out this year's christmas lights winners, use the following links to plan your trips ..... and a big THANK YOU to Katia!

South Nanaimo LIghts click HERE

Central Nanaimo LIghts click HERE

North Nanaimo Lights click HERE

Note: according to a comment posted by a reader, 1420 Boundary Cresent didn't make the list much to their disappointment. I guess this can't possibly be a complete list of all entrants of course.



  1. you forgot my daugther's house 1420 Boundary Cres. So sad for them they spent a lot of time and energy on their home and were so excited to be entered. :( such a sad mistake.

  2. The house at 1420 Boundry Cres is amazing!

  3. I've mapped out as many as I could in Google Maps:

    South Nanaimo Lights:
    Central Nanaimo Lights:
    North Nanaimo Lights:

    Hope this helps others plan out routes! :)

  4. I agree that 1420 Boundary added more lights this year and it should be on that list!! I LOVE what they did with the trees!!!! Thank you to those owners, it's a joy to drive by your place! :)

  5. those links for the map don't work. help

  6. There's a house on Renata Lane (off Carlton, which is off of Turner) that has a great Nightmare Before Christmas display (with a couple Star Wars additions). Lights synched to music from Nightmare Before Christmas.

  7. No problem printing off the directions. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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