Friday, December 20, 2013

Nanaimo 2013 Year in Review

2013 Highlights In City of Nanaimo

New city manager Mr. E. Swabey presented city council with a review of a wide range of projects in Nanaimo from the year 2013.

To review the slide presentation that accompanied Mr. Swabey's presentation use this Nanaimo Info LINK to view/download a copy.

A few of the highlights covered in the presentation were:
  • Water treatment plant supply pipelines completed ($9,000,000)
  • South Forks water treatment plant construction underway ($49,000,000)
  • Reservoir and energy recovery facility construction underway ($11,000,000)
  • Purchased 26.7 acres (Wellcox Property) 
  • Jail cell renovations completed
  • Transportation master plan, draft presented to council
  • Fast ferry proposal
  • Downtown parking enforcement taken in-house
  • Low barrier housing project open on Wesley Street
  • Wharf Street public toilet installed


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