Thursday, January 09, 2014

Nanaimo Cruise Ship Schedule 2014

Grand Princess ... May 16th

Celebrity Solstice ... Sept.22nd



  1. Wow, we're off to another prosperous year with "dozens and dozens" of promised ships and their passengers bringing thousands and thousands of dollars to our Harbour City shores! Thanks you Mr. Port Commission. Proof of further BS Spewing from your mouths.

  2. Go to:

    According to the Nanaimo Port Authority, there were suppose to be 25 ships per year visiting the new dock by 2015. Passengers and crew bringing $5-million of direct spending per year to the local economy.

  3. The Nanaimo Harbour Authority clearly does not have the experience nor expertise to manage a small coastal port. Being a mariner and involved in port operations for years, their shortcomings stand-out. I questioned the net gain of the longterm leasing out of the small boat harbour. Other than generating a small cash flow for the harbour authority, higher costs for those that use or depend on the small boat harbour, there is nothing positive.

    I can also tell you why the maintenance of the floats and facilities are in such disrepair. All the money went to another bad decision, building a cruise ship dock and facility in a city that has nothing to interest tourists.

    This is the reason we pay such high taxes. Those that make bad decisions and waste taxpayer money's are not held accountable and go on to make further bad decisions.


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