Thursday, January 09, 2014

Only in Canada - You Say

How the Hell does this happen???

I don't care about the protester's message, I don't care our Prime Minister was met with a less than cordial crowd during his recent visit to the Island. But I sure as blazes care when some guy can get this close to the back of the head of our Prime Minister.

All I can say is that it's a good thing it was a sign he had concealed and not a 9mm or a knife. The photo identifies the fellow on the left as an RCMP officer, whom I suppose just got back from Timmies?



  1. In the security teams defence, the protesters said they bought their black outfits from Value Village. With such organized and detailed criminal intricacies that only masterminds could come up with, surely, the security team was no match.

  2. submitted by Janet Irvine:

    This from Vancouver Sun online article of January 6th:
    “Hotel workers became suspicious because the protesters’ garb didn’t match outfits worn by serving staff, according to Fairmont Hotels regional vice-president Phil Barnes.”

    “They were dressed in black and they weren’t wearing name tags,” he said. “Our servers were dressed in black and white and they wore name tags.”
    Read more:


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