Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Are Nanaimo Taxpayers Responsible For Old Mineshafts?


A Nanaimo News Bulletin article by local scribe Tamara Cunningham would indicate that the Nanaimo taxpayer may be unwittingly taking on the liability for old mine workings in the city.

Is this a case of due diligence or an under-worked city hall staff looking for something to do? The article quotes a city source as saying they are proposing a 'high level' investigation into the stability of the underground network.

Again, we have no one on city staff capable of doing the work, so we will once again be spending money hiring more 'experts' to tell us of the risks.

If the city taxpayer is going to assume the responsibility for ensuring the safety of all old mine workings in Nanaimo, we might as well just move now, as that would be far cheaper. Since when did the city taxpayer become responsible for the safety of old mine workings? Isn't that a provincial matter, or how about it being the responsibility of whomever holds the mineral rights?

Is this really due diligence or some city hall department with far too much time on their hands?


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  1. It's not uncommon for city hall to find a shaft and give it to everyone.


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