Saturday, February 15, 2014

BCGEU Meeting In Nanaimo Feb. 27, 2014

Building province-wide campaign
An invitation to join BCGEU president Darryl Walker in Nanaimo on Feb. 27 invites union members to attend to help build an effective province-wide campaign supporting social workers and admin staff.

The invitation claims many community-based social service agencies are facing overwhelming workloads that can endanger the vulnerable clients they mean to serve.

The invitation closes with the statment that the workload situation has to change.

Comment: Yet another example of our collapsing institutions finally cracking under the weight of not enough dollars to support our fiscal fantasy. Not enough dollars for police, fire, education, healthcare, social housing, social welfare and on and on it goes. Just on a local level, Nanaimo taxpayers are facing another 25% tax increase over five years, 25% water rate increase over five years, the RDN is looking for another 38% over five years, hydro wants another 28%, ferry rates are going up and don't even bother talking about the gouging at the gas pumps. Now our falling Loonie means imports are going to increase, since we import most of the stuff we use, that is yet another drop in purchasing power.


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