Saturday, February 22, 2014

B.C.'s LNG Future Threatened?

LNG Delays

A Globe and Mail article raises the serious specter that delays may be putting the LNG fortunes of British Columbia in jeopardy in spite of claims from the government it will be the fiscal saviour of the province.

For all of the election hype about British Columbia's future being secured by our LNG fortunes, there still is nothing in place that can result in investors putting real money into any of these projects. Until the province finalizes the tax structure surrounding LNG, nothing can be put in motion.

In addition to the government ducks not being in a row yet, there are also serious questions as to whether or not the LNG plants could be constructed due to our acute skilled labour shortage.

It is far from the time to be worrying about the sky falling, but this article does raise some serious questions as to whether our LNG fortunes are in fact a slam dunk.


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