Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can Taxpayers Afford All Risk Mitigation?

The 'Safety' gambit....... one of City Hall's favourite openings......

A gambit is described as  "something done or said in order to gain an advantage or to produce a desired result". If you think that sounds familiar with the way city hall seeks to gain taxpayer support for their desired results, you have been paying attention.

A few examples of how the 'safety' gambit has been used in recent memory would include justifying building that shiny new office for city staff after convincing us the old office was beyond upgrade. Spending $70 million or so on a water treatment plant to make sure we have safe drinking water, even though we have had no problems in 150 years!

The whole Colliery Dam saga, based on another 'safety' hazard that is hardly any greater than risks we accept every day. Giving the old annex away for $1.00 because we insisted on a safety standard the building code does not require. Spending $200,000 on a money pit on Victoria Road because of some remote safety risk.

Now spending $50,000 on some kind of study to see if we can't find some dangerous mine shafts around Nanaimo. Seems like the brain trust at city hall has just noticed we have a history of mining in Nanaimo. Perhaps the new professionals at city hall are simply too new to Nanaimo to realize that has always been a risk in Nanaimo. Still we build here all the time and encourage others to come and enjoy our delightful city.


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