Monday, February 17, 2014

Mayor John Ruttan - City Hall Wages

Since Mayor Ruttan was elected wages over $75K/yr have gone from $10.8 million to $18.7 million

When Mayor Ruttan first took office the wages reported in SOFI  for those earning more than $75K per year were $10.8 million, for the year 2012 that number had skyrocketed to $18.72 million!

There are several missing factors which make this picture worse that this information suggests. The figures are only available until 2012 so they have likely increased another 2% in 2013 and will be increasing another 2% this year, if this council is true to form.

The total figure of $46.5 million does not include benefits which add another $10 million or so, neither does it include the $15 million paid in wages and benefits to the RCMP and also ignores the wages being paid at the NEDC.

When 80% of all monies collected from property taxes are consumed by wages and benefits at city hall, clearly things have gotten well out of control under this administration. It is also noteworthy that during this time of exploding labour costs, the real world has been suffering through the meltdown of 2008. Presumably we should have seen some labour retraction at city hall during this time also.


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