Thursday, February 06, 2014

Does Nanaimo Port Authority Hate Fishermen?

This CTV news clip points to a most disturbing trend in Nanaimo harbour. It would appear that the Nanaimo Port Authority are doing everything they can to drive away commercial fishermen from the Harbour City. The following screen grab from CTV's video, if accurate, shows some troubling numbers and while the NPA is a god unto themselves you have to wonder how they are managing the harbour.

These are the moorage fees quoted to moor a 40 foot fishing boat at various marina's on the Island and lower mainland. What exactly is wrong with this picture?

Good business choices or spite?

Over the past two years or so the fiefdom at the Port Authority suffered a little 'push back' from the local boating community when they wanted to lease the inner harbour for 30 years to an American company. After considerable public pressure the American company withdrew their offer leaving the Port Authority with a bit of egg on their collective face.

Soon after, the hoist used to load and unload the fish boats was found to be in need of repair. At the time it was removed it was reported that after repairs it would be put back in service in a few weeks. That was over a year ago, which seems just a little 'fishy'.

Does the Port Authority serve Nanaimo's interests at all??

After spending some $25 million tax dollars on a new cruise ship pier and fancy new digs for management the port authority were pleading poverty as the reason for not being able to repair the existing docks in Nanaimo's inner harbour.

About that cruise ship business ...... it was going to be the saviour of Nanaimo's tourist business and after being in the capable hands of the Nanaimo Port Authority there has been a steady decline year after year from a high of 13 ships to this year's stunning record of only 2.

When the Island Ferry company was looking for a place to locate in downtown Nanaimo, you would think the under-utilized cruise ship terminal would be a natural with that vacant terminal, huge empty parking lot, and brand new pier with only two ships all year. But no deal could be cut with the NPA.

Should the city put a toll on the trestle and road we bought?

When the city bought the Wellcox rail yards, for reasons only understood by the city's crack negotiators, we assumed the liability for the trestle and some road that does not access our property, but does provide access to the Port Authority's property.

Perhaps the city needs to put a toll booth on the trestle and bridge and charge the Port Authority for the use of it. Good idea?


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  1. The Nanaimo Port Authority, under CEO Dumas, seems determined to get rid of the last public harbour. The fact that our harbour is (was?) a real working harbour in a beautiful Pacific NorthWest Coastal setting makes it an paralleled tourist attraction.
    Perhaps the tourism sector or the Downtown Business Development people could write grants to help Bernie Dumas balance the books without destroying the most precious jewel Nanaimo has.


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