Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Is Nanaimo Really Short of Water ????

Foothills Project
Or Lantzville Property Developers?

A recent front page story in the Bulletin on Jan. 28 closes with the following paragraph:

"Lantzville mayor Jack de Jong says he is optimistic the developer and district will find an acceptable agreement now that there is single ownership. He also said he’s willing to potentially renegotiate the water deal with the City of Nanaimo around the housing project, which he says will be beneficial for both communities."

The story is referring to: "North Vancouver’s Lone Tree Properties says it’s ready to dust off plans for the 730-hectare Lantzville Foothills Estates, once called the largest housing development conceived on Vancouver Island."

The question this article obviously raises is whether or not Nanaimo is really facing a looming water shortage, or is it a large Lantzville development that is facing a looming water shortage?  Was the recent agreement to provide limited water to Lantzville just the sound of the door being cracked open?

One of the issues that has resulted in higher and higher taxes is the amount of geography that Nanaimo covers compared to it's density. The idea we might be being sold on the need to supply water to a Lantzville mega-project would be an example of urban sprawl that only Nanaimo would support.


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