Friday, February 21, 2014

Junkyard Planet - Recycling Reality

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Want to know where all those recyclables go we wash, sort, put out at the curb doing out bit to save the planet? You might be in for a surprise. You might also be surprised at how much of our 'diverted' waste is an over inflated number.

When we 'divert' some of our waste, what it really means is that we divert it from our garbage dump and send it to some third world country's dump after they pick through our crap under working conditions we would never tolerate.

They then use as little as 10% 'recycled' plastic in new products they make and sell back to us, The reason for the 10% 'recycled'? So, we can feel good about buying a 'green' product. Some of this recycled product label, is just a clever marketing ploy to make us westerners feel good about our purchases.


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