Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just an idle thought from an idle mind

or should that read addled??

When my thinker was thinking one day about taxation and affordable and such I wondered if there aren't for the most part four types of people in Nanaimo:

1. Those making sufficiently comfortable wages (perhaps in the public sector) that another 25% increase in taxes, doesn't really matter anyway. Don't like it but can afford it.

2. Those that are already juggling their credit card payments and have a fit if the car starts to do something funny. An extra $100 a year just threw another ball into their juggling act.

3. Pensioners on fixed incomes who are already counting pennies and clipping coupons whose income has not kept pace with their tax increase which has been driven by inflated property values, which in reality has done nothing for their financial well being.

4. People who are surviving solely as a result of government largesse for whatever reason. These folk already aren't getting by without a visit to the foodbank, or a stop at the 7 - 10 club now.

Now, for the $200,000,000.00 question....... are there enough people in the first category to keep feeding the insatiable taxes and fees monster living at city hall? If so, how do you rearrange taxes so they are picking up the tab instead of the other three types?


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