Monday, February 24, 2014

Nanaimo Blasted By Snow Storm

Monday is still going to be messy

Nanaimo got walloped with one of those never-ending snow falls that just kept coming and coming and coming all day Sunday. Sidewalk clearing needed doing three times over the course of the day, and anyplace I went in my neighbourhood you would think Nanaimo didn't own a snowplough. Those who had to go out were faced with poor driving conditions and as anyone used to driving in 'normal' snow knows the wet packing snow we got is not great for driving in. It quickly packs to ice, and as we all know, getting traction on ice is impossible without chains or studs.

By late afternoon the main roads in my area had been cleared but the side streets still were not touched.

Getting around Monday will likely be doable but slowing down and using caution and common sense will be the order of the day as winter driving conditions will persist for most of the day.

This is a non-instructional day in school district #68 so I presume parents have already made plans that don't involve school today, so the kids can grab their sleds and head for the slopes of Bowen Park and any other hill they can find.

Returning to normal for the rest of the week

In typical Nanaimo winter-weather fashion, old man winter shows up for a day or two, just to make a mess and remind us what the rest of Canada has to endure, and then takes off for points east, leaving us once again to bask in well above freezing temperatures.


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