Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Nanaimo House Prices January 2014

  Nanaimo Real Estate Home Sales
Nanaimo House Prices January 2014
Prices Increase 6% -  Sales Decrease 7% Yr./Yr.

The following information is taken from the MLS sales data from the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board. The information is based on single-family residential unit sales.

The month of January 2014 saw 50 homes sold, compared with 50 homes the previous month, and compared with 54 homes sold in January 2013. This represents an 7% decrease when compared with last year.

The average sale price decreased in January 2014 to $333,968.00 compared with $315,215.00 in January 2013 a increase of 6%. The median Nanaimo house price for January 2014 was $318,000.00.

VIREB cautions that average price information can be useful in establishing trends over time, but does not indicate the actual prices in centers comprised of widely divergent neighbourhoods or account for price differential between geographic areas.

Nanaimo Annual Sales Summary 2013
Total units sold in Nanaimo during 2013 increased 11% over 2012 rising to 1130 compared with 1016 the year previous.

The average sale price for the year remained unchanged at $352,309.00 in 2013 compared with $353,348.00 in 2012. The median sale price for the year was $337,500.00.


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