Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nanaimo Info Blog Passes Milestone

Nanaimo Info Blog's
Post Number 8,000

In one of those self-congratulatory news items, I am pleased to report that Nanaimo Info Blog recently logged post number 8,000! A bit of a milestone for this little blog that started on April 24, 2007. The blog has also recorded 1,255,590 pageviews during that time in addition to having hundreds of email subscribers and followers on social media.

The following image is a screen grab from the very first article to appear on Nanaimo-Info-Blog and pretty much foretold the course that would be taken. If you don't remember the old Civic Arena had been recently re-roofed and in one of those head-shaker moves our city Fathers (and Mothers) decided to have it torn down for the low, low price of only $600,000.

That was nearly 7 years ago, and today they are still at it, with the current decision to spend $50,000 to see if we should now be filling in the mine shafts under the city and nearly $100,000 on studies and consultants to tell the mayor and city manager how to govern. Between the two of them, they are costing Nanaimo taxpayers in excess fo $300,000/yr., and you might hope they would already know how to manage the city BEFORE they get the job!

The more things change the more they remain the same. We also recently sold off a $3,000,000 building for the bargain basement price of $1.00, and spent $200,000 to solve a $20,000 safety problem.

Another example of city hall's performance since April 2007; total wages being paid at city hall excluding benefits and excluding police was $36.56 million per year, that in 2012 has ballooned to $46.5 million. In the same time period the over $75,000/yr. group at city hall has gone from $9.24 million to a staggering $18.72 million. This is during a time that Nanaimo's economy has not been expanding

If the purpose of this blog is to keep a sharp eye on the questionable decisions of city hall, it doesn't look like I will be stopping anytime soon. Since this is an election year, I hope the 73% of Nanaimo residents that didn't vote last time will finally wake up to just how the 'tax and spend' club at city hall keeps finding creative ways of spending YOUR money.

FIRST ARTICLE -- April 24/07.


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