Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Opposition To Duke Point WTE Misguided

Zero Waste Advocates See EFW A Threat To Recycling

After a couple of months of listening to arguments on various Facebook groups, it is clear that hard core recyclers are under the impression that using an Energy from Waste facility would set back their efforts to achieve a 'zero waste' goal. While this goal sounds laudible and something to strive for, it has no basis in reality. In fact published local diversion rates and claimed recycling success are likely over-stated and many facts are being ignored in an effort to support claims of 'cutting-edge' solid waste programs.

There is no end of 'facts' the opponents of an EFW plant can put forward using Google search to dredge up all sorts of studies to support their beliefs about the evils of EFW technology. In Nanaimo there is a fairly vocal group that are prepared to simply shout down the logic which prevails in support of Energy from Waste as the only viable alternative to finding another landfill, once the Cedar facility is closed. They are not opposed to portraying energy from waste technology as black smoke, toxin belching monsters requiring a steady stream of garbage sacrificed to appease the demon of fire!

Misguided Group Could Cost Region Millions

If (in the unlikely event) the EFW facility for Metro Vancouver were to be located at Duke Point, the problem of what Nanaimo is going to have to do in a few years could be solved and Vancouver would have picked up the tab. A fact which just seems beyond comprehension for the opponents is that Nanaimo is going to have to find another landfill or build our own EFW plant in the very near future as the pipe-dream of zero waste evaporates and we still keep producing solid waste. By opposing the Vancouver opportunity they will definitely be driving up the cost of solid waste disposal in short order.

I doubt anyone could make a case for landfill over EFW when it comes to dealing with a certain by-product of human activity....... solid waste, we simply can't recycle everything. If someone were to do an unbiased study, I wouldn't be surprised to find some of our recycling efforts are actually having a negative environmental impact when everything is considered.

Hopefully Nanaimo's Leaders Will Not Capitulate To The Clamoring Crowd

After much heated opposition to a similar situation in Ontario, leaders there have opted for an Energy From Waste facility as a sensible, viable solution to dealing with solid waste. You can bet they engaged qualified professionals who thoroughly examined their options before coming to conclusion. The RDN has already stated such a facility is one consideration to dealing with our waste issue, so hopefully our leaders will give fair consideration to the possibility of Vancouver picking up the tab to build a plant that will take care of our waste for decades to come.


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  1. Let me get this straight, we might have to build out own burner when our dump is full, which we wouldn't have to build if Vancouver builds theirs? And some people think that is a bad idea?


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