Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pink Shirt Day in Diana Krall Plaza

It is time for our Downtown to band together to show our support against bullying! Please join us in Diana Krall Plaza on Wednesday, February 26th at 12 pm dressed in your Pink Shirt (or any pink attire!) for a photo and to show your solidarity against bullying.

What is Pink Shirt Day? Pink Shirt Day is an anti-bullying initiative to bring awareness to bullying and to stand against it. It started in 2007 when two Nova Scotia students decided to take action after witnessing a younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The students bought 50 pink t-shirts and encouraged schoolmates to wear them to send a powerful message of solidarity to the bully.

Understand What Bullying Is…
Bullying is cruelty and always contains these three elements:
1. It is an aggressive act that is usually repeated;
2. The bully has more power (strength, status, size) than the victim who cannot hold his own; and
3. The hurtful behavior is not an accident, but intentional. The bully usually seems to enjoy seeing the victim in distress.


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