Sunday, June 08, 2014

Maffeo Sutton Park - Beautiful Sunny Day

 Otter Dining On Ocean-fresh Crab
Latest Addition In Park
Still Popular This Year

Saturday morning at Maffeo Sutton Park & Swylana Lagoon

Just a bit after noon on Saturday I dropped by Nanaimo's favourite downtown park to see the latest piece of installed public art. The parking lot was nearly full, attesting to the spots popularity, but I was surprised at how un-busy the park itself seemed.

There was barely a handfull of folk in the plaza by the washroom and as usual there was one lone food vendor selling hot dogs. Hello, Parks department, a little variety might even help attendance.

In my quest to find the newest piece of art as I strolled towards the Lion's bridge I spotted the top fellow making his way to the rocks to enjoy his shore lunch of freshly caught crab. He was happily munching on his catch, when he spotted me, and I presume being camera shy, headed back into the water and swam towards the bridge until he found another spot, away from my prying lens.No one it seems likes the paparazzi.

The middle photo is the latest addtion to the park and is quite a sizable octopus which is appropriate for Nanaimo, as I believe local waters are home to the largest octopus anywhere. This carving is done by the same carver who supplied last years popular crab, which sits at the entrance to the fishing pier.

The octopus is not where I thought he might be, but I won't tell you exactly where he is, so you can scour the park and find him for yourself.

I'm still, not sure where everyone was based on the number of cars in the parking lot, maybe they had headed over to that other downtown harbour jewel, Newcastle Island.


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  1. I was wondering where the Octopus had gone so your comment was happily received.


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