Friday, June 27, 2014

Nanaimo Boathouse & Paddling Centre - Costly?

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Listen closely to this exchange between city council and city staff with regards to the request for 'support in principle' from the Nanaimo Boathouse Society.

While the proponent claimed they were not seeking capital funding from the city, the response from our city manager would indicate, that given council support, the city would be obliged to match the funding from senior levels of government.

There are many additional details of this proposal which need to be scrutinized before council commits YOUR tax dollars to this project.

How much will this project actually cost Nanaimo Taxpayers - all costs in? Why can't this society, produce a business/operating plan that would not require taxpayer funding similar to the golf club, a tennis club or the curling club?


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  1. Frankly, this is a private enterprise project, not a city issue. If the project has all this support from the SFN, VIU, NPA, Dragon Boat.. then have them fund it. Have them line up to sign the loan papers.

    The city should not be funding private ferries, bus tours, hotels, or projects that compete with private industry. Every service listed in the Boathouse presentation is already offered by private industry.

    Prioritize spending, kill this proposal. Homeless, unemployed and under-employed comes before affluent peoples hobbies.


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