Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nanaimo Council Decision Goes Viral

Council Motion Puts Nanaimo In Spotlight

If you Google Nanaimo Council Bans Christians it will return 72,900 results, Nanaimo Council Bans Conference  will return 11.800.000 results, Nanaimo Council Bans Christian Conference will return 11,500,000 results and Nanaimo Christian Conference returns 143,000 results. Notably, none of the references to Nanaimo are in any way favourable. Being cast as bullying, free speech hating bigots can hardly be doing anything to raise our profile in a positive fashion.

Now, if only the brain trust at city hall could figure out how to harness the power of the internet to promote something positive about Nanaimo, that would be a fantastic day.



  1. This is an extreme sad state of affairs! Is this the caliber of people that are voted into positions of leadership these days? It's a good thing that their vanity in wanting to set-up a video of their meetings has provided us with this insight. I would be ashamed to sit along side people with this sort of mindset, on a committee which determines the social agenda of any town or city. This is what your "New-Age", illiterate (with respect to knowing what other cultures or beliefs truly represent), poorly informed, but highly opinionated "group mentality" can end up doing. Nothing more dangerous than putting incompetent people in positions of leadership.

  2. "There is a god"!

    Nanaimo taxpayers have been fighting this dictatorial bunch of censorship spenders their whole term - but now we have help from above, and the rest of Canada!

  3. On Canada Day we of all faiths should ask ourselves where is OUR Country headed and how did we get to this point in time where this type of bigotry can take place by those WE elect. Have agnostics and atheists the authority constitutionally to absolve all others of their wrights . NAUGHT ! will I visit nanaimo ( small "n" required here ) again NAUGHT !!....Ron P


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