Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nanaimo's Tourist Attraction Idea

Promoting Newcastle Island & A New Tourist Icon

If you follow a common refrain from many quarters, it is the fact Nanaimo needs some serious tourist attractions to draw people to our city, and to encourage those visiting (via cruise ships) to spend more time here.

Many think that Newcastle Island has the potential to be such an attraction and from time to time many new ideas for improvement seem to be 'floated' but things stay pretty much the same. That is likely to change with the use of the new hotel tax that should/could provide the funding to bring to fruition some of the plans proposed for the jewel right in our harbour.

The 'how' to get to Newcaslte Island is another popular point for discussion, with ideas such as a bridge surfacing from time to time, and perhaps free transportation rather than have to pay for the ferry service currently being offered. (at a very reasonable price I might add).

So, here is my free suggestion that could provide an iconic tourist attraction while at the same time providing access to Newcastle Island. Ready for it???? We run a zip-line from the penthouse of the highrise on Chapel Street, right across the harbour to Newcastle Island.

They will come from everyplace!!!

PS: I still think my geriatric theme park on Mt. Benson should be given serious consideration. Escalators up the mountain to the water slide....... Geritol on tap at the fountains....... moving sidewalks.... should be a winner!


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  1. If you add duels with walkers, consider me a serious investor.


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