Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sun Media Ads Pressing For Rescinding of Motion

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Sun Media is sponsoring 56 radio spots on Nanaimo radio in an effort to pressure city council to apologize for their decision to ban the Leadercast simulcast from the VICC. Sun Media is also demanding city council rescind their motion of May 5, which still stands as a Nanaimo law. Describing the Nanaimo statement as an ironic apology (city council is sorry some took offense), Ezra Levant is vowing to keep up the pressure until Nanaimo City Council rescinds it's motion of May 5.



  1. Hahahah

    The idiots, and I'll say their name again "idiot" on council have finally bit off more than they could chew. And this time, their illegal acts are being taken to task for the nation to see.

    Everyone finally gets caught.

    It's just taken too long in the term for the mayor and his Spend-a-Lot possie, unfortunately with collateral damage to some of the 3 Amigos, for the slimy band of autocrats to be K-O ed.

    This couldn't happen to a bader bunch of nincompoops.

  2. Council Watcher29 June 2014 at 06:17

    The 3 Amigos ..... collateral damage??? Did you actually see what 2 of the 3 amigos had to say?? One has now apologized...... does that really mean anything? The other referred to strong Christians as being criminal.

    Collateral Damage.................. nice spin, but it won't wash with anyone paying attention. There was only ONE person on that council that did not support this bigoted, hateful motion, which still stands on the books today!


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