Friday, July 18, 2014

Canoe and Kayak Races - July 18 - Nanaimo

The Calm Before the Storm for Canoe and Kayak Athletes  

Starting Friday morning, BC Summer Games athletes will be kayaking and canoeing through the slalom course seen from the Cedar Bridge.

In this event, racers must navigate between gates that are suspended from wires stretched across the river. Athletes must race through the gates in the fastest time, without touching them to avoid a time penalty. The gates are coloured, meaning that some must paddle through by going upstream or downstream throughout the course.

This will be an exciting event to check out that is full of speed and precision. Spectators can watch the races from Cedar Bridge, which has an eagle's eye view of the finish line, or from the water's edge. Come early and grab a spot as some spectators have already visited the race site to scope out the best views.
Races will begin at 8:30am with the Mens Kayak and Canoe races, followed by the Women. Once the slalom course is finished, competitions will continue at the next location on Long Lake starting at 1:00PM. Metal presentations will be held at 4:30PM at the Inn on Long Lake.


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