Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Canada Day In Maffeo Sutton Park

Canadian Pride & Patriotism In Many Forms

Canadians are a relatively quiet, conservative bunch who don't always wear their national pride on their sleeves, but Canada Day seems to say "It's OK to let everyone know just how great you think our country is".

From fancy head gear, to draping yourself in the flag or actually carrying the flag on a mini-pole to a really neat hat, there is a true sense of national pride and unity evident on Canada Day.

The march of flags from Frank Neys' statue to the Lion's pavilion gives a real sense of just how diversified we as a nation are, and how so many different nationalities can live in harmony in one great country should be a beacon to the world.

Warts and all, I can honestly say I believe with all my being, that we live in the best nation in the entire world and we need to always remember that.


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