Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Colliery Dams Park Information

 Nearly no water in the spillway at the lower dam
Solomon explains how dams are constructed

Get the facts about these dams

Jeff Solomon from the CDPPS has been making himself available at the lower dam in the park at 6:00 pm since July 2 explaining the result of the tests conducted which have determined how incredibly well made and sound this dam is. It was these tests that determined a failure due to a seismic event causing sudden failure was not the concern we had been told it was last year.

Now, it seems the city of Nanaimo feels we need to spend lots of tax dollars to guard against the possibility of a flood of the magnitude that Noah experienced. Really? I would have hoped there were better ways to spend tax dollars than fussing about such an unlikely event.

Jeff will be at the dam tonight and tomorrow night at 6:00 pm if you would like to see first hand for yourself what all the fuss has been about.


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