Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daily News Cartoon - Hits The Mark

The above cartoon appeared in the Daily News, Thursday July 10 and is fair comment on the negotiation skills of the city of Nanaimo which recently inked a deal spending $9 million tax dollars for land assessed at $2.5 million.

No wonder the seller wanted an early closing date, which the city used as an excuse to not ask the taxpayers what they thought of the deal by borrowing the money, they probably knew the price was so generous it wouldn't stand up to public scrutiny.

It's easy to be a big shot wheeler dealer, when it isn't your money on the table! How long before the next election? This bunch drained all sorts of surplus accounts with money earmarked for other projects in order to avoid public input on this deal.

That was shortly before they decided to re-write the Charter of Freedoms & Rights on May 5th.



  1. Completely out of control. And next time we will have four years between votes so choose carefully folks.

  2. Think how much it would cost 20 years from now? Oh, wait, it would be a massive subdivision by then. Bye Bye Linley Park.

  3. It is hardly worth 3X assessed value many places in Nanaimo have a market value of 3X their assessment??????

  4. This is one more example that this Mayor and Council can not be trusted with taxpayer's dollars. This transaction borders on negligence. I hope this city wakes up and does the right thing for the next election and vote for a government that is more responsible. This bunch spends like there is no tomorrow.

  5. I'm selling my house to the City.


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