Monday, July 07, 2014

DNBIA 'Animates' Empty Storefronts

 Empty Downtown Storefronts Get 'Art' Facelift

Numerous commercial storefronts in Nanaimo’s downtown core remain empty. The DNBIA has contracted the Design Nerds to engage and hire professional artists who will temporarily animate the storefronts of these dormant properties. The purpose of storefront animation is to attract potential businesses to empty commercial spaces.

Placing interesting and dynamic art installations in commercial storefronts will help to engage and entice the public to explore and imagine the possibilities of  doing business in downtown Nanaimo. The potential for the Storefronts Project to bring attention to the downtown by residents and outsiders (future residents?) is huge.

Artists have agreed to reflect and incorporate the vision of the property owners into their art installations. For spaces without a preconceived vision, artists have been asked to create a vision that complements existing businesses in the area.

Storefronts is a project that supports the need for business, activity and culture in the downtown core. The artists represented in this document are dedicated to bringing vibrancy and cultural vitality to downtown Nanaimo. Each artist will contribute their artistic sensitivity along with their energy and professionalism to create a memorable experience for visitors and to communicate to potential investors that Nanaimo is a viable place of cultural sophistication.

Watch for these exciting new art installations at the following locations: 78 Wharf, 232 Bastion, 155 Skinner, 75 Front, 65 Front, 4 Commercial, 8 Commercial, 60-302 Commercial, 60-306 Commercial and 60-310 Commercial.


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  1. Good they are at least doing something with the half million taxpayer dollars they get a year.


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