Saturday, July 12, 2014

Freedom BBQ Meet Ezra Levant & John Carpay

JULY 23 '14  
Event time: 12-noon to 2

(Spirit Square, Lion’s Pavilion, Lion’s Lawn)

Special guests:  Civil Rights Lawyer John Carpay, and Ezra Levant

Everyone is invited, lots of quality entertainment and treats for children

“Let’s affirm our democratic rights and continue
to build a community that respects the dignity
of all who live here, with freedom for all."

Sponsored by Sun News Network and local supporters.

Contact Margo Linder at 250-729-5368 to volunteer

To catch up to speed on the issues:
Mayor Ruttan will be in attendance.



  1. Right on!

    And one of the throng of instituting "bigots" - Mayor Ruttan - will be in attendance as well.

    Seems there will indeed be a dunk-tang then for the fun of young and old, Christian and Muslim, law upholders and law breakers! Yahoo.

  2. It's actually being presented by the biggest bigot of all, Levant. It's astonishing that the "christian' card has been drawn on this issue. It is an ugly and obtuse hypocrisy. The persecutor (of LGBTQ) being called persecuted. And not stopping until everyone in their path is annihilated! One councillor named the fact (in fact) that Chick Fil A discriminates through the lens of Christianity. It is true and everyone knows it. That is not necessarily, however, why they voted in the way they did. These councillors and their mayor have given tremendously to their city and made good solid decisions. They do not deserve the wrath that is being spewed on them. They are kind, intelligent and generous people and voted on choosing not to let a an event go where a sponsor who offends the Canadian Charter of Rights (Chick Fil A's hiring practices alone are an offense to everyone's civil rights) will gain benefit. That this card got played and has been taken to this level only demonstrates that no christian values (much less family vailues) are at play here. It's all about power and litigation. Disgusting. I am an embarrassed christian, discouraged and offended. Spare me. Christians will have a long way to go before being persecuted to the level we have persecuted. Ask the First People, for starters. If anything the Charter of Rights might as well be designed to protect people from us until we grow up and get objective about our behaviours, self reflective. What is transpiring is not something you would see Christ engage in.

  3. This opinion clearly demonstrates how this issue has been so poorly understood by some members of the community. Ignoring what this city council did to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is inexcusable. The fact this council and senior city staff are so ill-informed, yet are in charge of running a $200,000,000 corporation is the thing, sleepless nights are made of.


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