Thursday, July 24, 2014

Great Turnout Freedom BBQ

Ezra Levant & John Carpay Attend BBQ

Ezra Levant and Sun Media hosted a Freedom BBQ in Maffeo Sutton park on July 23 as a celebration of their efforts which saw city council apologize and rescind the now infamous motion of May 5th.

In spite of less than perfect weather hundreds of supporters attended with 600 having preregistered for an event that was announced about one week ago. The food lineup seemed to be static for about an hour, as new arrivals kept replacing those getting their food on the other end.

About twenty volunteers were kept busy serving up hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, drinks and deserts. The speech was short, sweet and to the point and well received by those in attendance.

There was bouncy castles, slides, face painting, balloons and cottom candy which kept kids of all ages happy and occupied.


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  1. Submitted by Janet Irvine:

    From Ezra Levant at the Freedom BBQ in Nanaimo: “Remind the politicians and bureaucrats that they are your servants. They’re not the boss of you. You’re the boss of them.”


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