Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leadercast Cancellation Cost Taxpayers $20,135

Mayor Ruttan reported at the July 14 city council meeting that this council has cost the Nanaimo taxpayer $20,135 in legal fees and settlement as a result of the decision to cancel the Leadercast, leadership simulcast.

Daily News Paid $14,000

The Nanaimo Daily News is reported to have received a settlement of $14,000 for the losses they incurred as a result of the May 5th motion brought by Councilor Pattje and supported by the rest of council with the exception of McKay.

Should Council & Senior Staff 'Pick up the tab'?

This decision demonstrated a complete lack of competence on the part of not only city council, but senior staff at city hall also, which has seen many new faces in key positions in the past few years.
Perhaps a lack of experience contributed to this costly and embarrassing decision being made by city council.

There is always much talk about being accountable and responsible coming from city hall. This is a great opportunity for city hall to put some practical meaning to that buzz phrase by having those responsible reach into their own pocket and pay the $20,135.

In addition to the eight councillors who passed this motion, I might suggest the city manager and the head of Legislative Services be included among those who demonstrate their accountability by paying this expense themselves.

In addition to this known tangible expense this decision will also cost the city of Nanaimo thousands and thousands more, as we try to overcome the black eye this event gave our community.



  1. When I was in the 9th grade we read through every section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We had to summarize each section. So if a guy like me still recalls the Charter from the 9th grade than I would expect our lofty leaders at City Hall and their generously paid staff to also have some inkling of what is in the Charter.

    Instead that herd of buffoons trampled over one another to cast votes to violate the Charter thus making fools of themselves and Nanaimo. Our City's reputation has been tarnished from coast to coast. Yes, Mayor Ruttan put Nanaimo on the map. Now everyone knows where Nanaimo is and what goes on there.

    To the question: should the Mayor, Council, and senior managers repay this money? No. We taxpayers must pay this money. That is how our system works in Canada.

    What must happen is that the Mayor and Council must resign. That is the traditional outcome on a scandal of this magnitude. Save for Councilor McKay the other 8 should step down.

    Devon Kruggel
    A Nanaimo Ratepayer

  2. The decision is one of many made by this council, some right and some wrong. We can't ask the members to start picking up the tab personally for their mistakes or errors in judgement just the same as we would not agree to paying them personal bonuses for the profits or savings that any good decisions might effect. To suggest something along those lines is a Pandora's box and not to be taken seriously. If the action was fraudulent and or criminal and could be proven that is a different matter. In the absence of the latter then we need to rely on an educated vote being the only real solution available to taxpayers.

  3. Submitted by Janet Irvine:

    At the Committee of the Whole meeting on May 5, 2014, City Manager, Ted Swabey, said the following to Mayor and Councillors:

    “Just to clarify ... First of all, the motion being brought forward isn’t being brought forward by Staff. That would be a discussion between councillors on how you would like that information to transpire.”

  4. Those that are given the authority and responsibility to make these types of decisions should be held accountable instead of continuing to pass their negligence along to the taxpayers. If they are not qualified to do their job properly and efficiently, they should be fired, just like the private sector.

  5. As mentioned above, council members will not be held accountable to pay the bill (though, wouldn't that be nice??). However, it is vital that citizens get out to vote in November and get these goons removed. I' just hoping more level-headed, intelligent people run to replace them.


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