Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leadercast Investigation Notice of Motion

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Bestwick Notice of Motion

The above is the audio of the notice of motion as read into the record by Councillor Bill McKay. We are now told that either city staff or city council sought legal advice relating to this motion. The advice they received apparently led them to the conclusion the motion must be dealt with 'in-camera'.

As with most things legal, differing opinions are the norm. One lawyer may think this warrants the secrecy of going in-camera, while another may not agree. I hope the citizens of Nanaimo have the opportunity to seek a second legal opinion, as it seems almost inconceivable what is contained in this motion that would warrant such secrecy.

Listen to the motion yourself, and as an armchair lawyer, can see you why this motion could not be dealt with in an open council meeting??



  1. This Notice of Motion should not be 'in Camera'. It is not a Land deal, or a personnel issue (yet). It is simply a notice of motion!

    If no one did anything wrong, why would not staff not welcome the inquiry with open arms? Staff should be thrilled with the opportunity to blame on the elected officials.

  2. And so the Attempted Cover-Up begins....

  3. Upset Taxpayer22 July 2014 at 23:14

    This looks like someone at city hall has something to hide and since council has nothing to hide from, their folly is on tape for all to see. It makes one wonder if staff don't somehow have something they want kept secret. Going in-camera at this point seems completely unexplainable, the question is whether council wants to have an investigation or not........ how is that something to deal with in camera, unless you are afraid of what might come out. What about being responsible?

  4. Is there a tool to recall or remove municipal politicians?

    Devon Kruggel


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