Monday, July 21, 2014

Nanaimo Bathtub Race - Beginning Days

Bathtub Racing Started In 1967

The above picture shows Frank Ney with the earliest racing bathtub at Long Lake in Nanaimo. It really does look like a bathtub someone put the plug in and slapped a motor onto. Who would have thought that decades later the sleek racing machines of today, while still being bathtubs have evolved into three classes, Stock, Modified and Super Modified.

The bottom picture shows the frothing sea when as many as 200 tubs and 800 escort boats took part in the test of endurance and bravery as man and machine pitted themselves against each other but more importantly against the unforgiving ocean just waiting to take them to Davey Jones Locker!

In the early days, all the tubs and their escort boats assembled in the harbour and took off together, with the resulting prop wash sinking many hapless tubbers before barely getting past the starting line. A special award was given to the tub with the dubious distinction of being the first to sink!


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