Monday, July 07, 2014

Nanaimo City Council Wages 2013

The above information is taken from the SOFI report for the year 2013. You will note that some councillors remuneration is lower than others, you will also note that some do not have the $1446.00 as a taxable benefit which I believe is a medical/dental plan benefit.

The total being spent by members of city council under the 'Expenses' column might be something you would want to ask your Councillors to explain. Listed in order of who has the largest expenses:

Bill McKay .......$14,972.89
John Ruttan ......$11,705.94
Diana Johnstone ...$6,368.14
George Anderson .. $6,002.44
Diane Brennan .....$4,525.20
Fred Pattje .......$4,141.48
Ted Greves ........$4,060.00
Jim Kipp ..........$3,819.11
Bill Bestwick .....$1,898.88



  1. Oh look! The Angelic Bill McKay who has been enjoying the limelight as of late has $14,000 in expenses!

    You could not pay me enough to be a councilor in this town.

  2. DId the Anonymous actually look at what he spent it on?


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