Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nanaimo City Hall Wages 2008 - 2013

The above chart clearly demonstrates one of the reasons for ever-increasing taxes and that is the ever-increasing cost of staffing in Nanaimo which has definitely 'blossomed' under the leadership of two-time Mayor John Ruttan.

Human Resources at city hall will be quick to tell you that you need to pay top dollar to get to people! Interesting concept, which hardly explains for the exploding cost of staffing under John Ruttans leadership. When Mayor Ruttan took office the total earned by the $75,000 + club was $10,800,000.00 and by the end of 2013 that number has exploded to $ $21.5 million.

Is the affordable? Is this sustainable? Your comment is not valid if you are earning in excess of $75,000/yr.



  1. Six years and the man and his crew are spending us into poverty! Who hired these people? Who set the salaries?

    Devon Kruggel

  2. Your heading should read 2008?


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