Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nanaimo City Manager Explains Democracy

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Nanaimo City Manager explains his view of democracy

During the governance review committee, city manager Ted Swabey offered his opinion on how democracy is supposed to work. The sound quality is less than perfect, follows is a transcript of what he is saying:

"There's a big push for representative democracy in some way and I really think that is not the way to go, democracy is you are elected to make decisions and debate among yourselves the crowd is there to witness how democracy is working, not to be part of it."



  1. Get real Swaybe. That kind of thinking went out a long time ago. not long after macho guys like you decided to "give" women the right to vote as if it was some gracious concession. What exactly is wrong with people participating in municipal issues and getting involved in the decision making process? Does that thought cramp your old fashioned style? Well, welcome to Nanaimo and the reality of the new democracy in the 2000's Mr Swaybe. Stop acting like you are a General in the military and start thinking about doing a job to "serve" the people.
    Cliff Marcil

  2. I'll bet Greeves was just lapping this crap up huh?
    Cliff Marcil

  3. Wow, are you sure this wasn't a meeting taped of the other side during W.W.2?

  4. Mr. Swabey's published profile suggests that's he's likely never taken a class in political science or political theory -- and likely not even one in municipal government and administration. His comment reflects his appalling ignorance.

    Even more appalling is the manner in which he was appointed to his present position: i.e., without a search to find out whether anyone better qualified was available. I think anyone who watches city hall realizes that Nanaimo was ill-served by that particular decision -- and several others in the past few years..

  5. Couldn't agree more with the previous comment. The ONLY real qualification that Swaybe had was the length of time he had been drawing his regular and ever growing pay cheques.


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