Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Nanaimo Council To Rescind May 5th Motion

Council To Rescind Motion
Special Open City Council Meeting 
 Shaw Auditorium July 3, 2014 5:00 PM

A special meeting of council has been called to rescind the motion passed May 5, 2014, Committee of the Whole Meeting:

“It was moved and seconded that the City of Nanaimo advise the VICC that as owners of the facility, any events that are associated with organizations or people that promote or have a history of divisiveness, homophobia, or other expressions of hate not be permitted and as such, advise the VICC not to permit in a City owned facility, the upcoming Leadercast event that is scheduled for 2014-MAY-09. The motion carried.
Opposed: Councillor McKay”



  1. Will they also consider removing the ridiculous signs around Colliery Dam?

  2. Maybe if Ezra took up the cause, but as long as CDPPS keeps asking nicely, they will keep being ignored.
    There is a lesson in all this, as to what city hall will actually respond to.

  3. I guess this problem stuck like *^$% to the bottom of the municipal gov. shoe.

  4. Who on council is spearheading the bid to rescind this motion? And why?

  5. I am sure the decision has been made after a great deal of very expensive legal advice.

  6. I think Jim is right. By now the City will have heard from the BCCLA and the JCCF and perhaps other lawyers. They should now be aware of the corporate and individual liabilities in the matter. The City lawyers will have to be paid as well as the cost to sponsors resulting from the event's cancellation.


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