Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nanaimo Fire Rescue - Rooftop Rescue

 Injured worker on roof receives first aid
 Bucket pressed into service to bring the injured man safely down
 Delicate work manoeuvring over trees and avoiding overhead wires
Getting into the 'just right' position, not as easy as it looks
Preparing to move the injured worker into the bucket
Worker safe and secure in the bucket
The return trip from rooftop to the waiting ambulance
Waiting for the patient to be delivered
Safely moved to the gurney and headed for more care
Patient loaded into ambulance headed for the hospital
Everything going back into place and ready for the next call

Rooftop Injury leads to delicate rescue

Saturday morning on the job didn't turn out quite the way one worker had planned I am sure. While working on the roof of a house on Terminal Ave. the worker slipped and apparently broke his leg making it impossible for him to get off the roof under his own power.

This resulted in Nanaimo Fire Resuce crews having to execute a rather delicate exercise to offer first aid to the injured man while on the roof and then safely bring him down for a trip in the waiting ambulance.


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