Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Nanaimo Motion Makes The National Post

Nanaimo City Council Grabs More National Ink

The National Post has now picked up the story of the ill-conceived council motion of May 5th which has given Nanaimo one very large black eye.

If this were the only time this city council passed a motion and then thought about it later rather than being a recurring pattern, they might be forgiven. But over the past six years there are several examples of arguably just as foolish and costly decisions they have made.

The difference this time, is that this fiasco played out in public as opposed their usual venue of an in-camera meeting behind closed doors.



  1. By not speaking up for basic freedoms trampled by a bigoted City Council the BC media have damaged their credibility.

  2. Guess we won't be visiting Nanaimo anytime soon. I'm curious to know what they would have done if it were a Muslim group....


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