Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sun Media At Nanaimo City Hall

Ezra Levant Makes Case At Nanaimo City Hall

Sun media personality, Ezra Levant addressed a crowd at city hall Wednesday at noon looking to have city council rescind or repeal the motion they passed on May 5th which led to the cancellation of the Leadercast simulcast.

City hall has issued a statement regarding the event basically contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while admitting no wrong doing. The issue however, is that motion is now part of the fabric of Nanaimo governance and until rescinded or repealed remains 'on the books'.

Levant has a pretty boisterous style which some may find offensive, he does however make a valid point as to the fact the motion should never have seen the light of day.

What Levant is not aware of, nor has any interest in, is the fact that voting on an issue and then fully thinking it through later is not uncommon with our city council, which Levant has referred to a buffoons. He sees this whole issue as an attack on a Christians' right to express their views when they differ from views held by council. This would seem a fair conclusion based on the motion of May 5th.

Examples of poor leadership

The events of May 5th are not unlike decisions made by this and previous councils in which you have to wonder how much critical thinking members of council applied before making a decision. A partial list of questionable and very costly decisions that makes one wonder 'what were they thinking?'.
  • Spending $60,000,000+ treating pristine water
  • Spending $15,000,000 for a new office built without public tender
  • Selling $4,000,000 building for $1.00
  • Spending $1,000,000 + renovating city hall, because they build new annex
  • Giving $300,000 tax breaks to a pub in the train station
  • Giving $10,000,000 tax breaks to downtown hotel 
  • Spending $2,000,000 fixing non-existent 'dam' problem
  • Spending $1,000,000 to repaint the kiddies pools at Beban and NAC
  • Spending $8,000,000 for land assessed at $2,500,000
  • Spending $12,000,000+ for Wellcox property (assuming liability for a trestle)
  • Spending $ ?,???,???.?? passing unconstitutional motions resulting in legal, PR fees etc.
  • Spending $500,000/yr to keep 911 call centre in Nanaimo
  • Spending $140,000/yr. for spin doctor to tell council and staff what to say
  • Spending $200,000 on a building with a value of $283,000
  • Spending $120,000 for a single public toilet
  • Spending $100,000 hiring 3 consultants telling them how to do their jobs
Yes, we are all human, and we all make mistakes. But when a group of people trusted with guiding a city of 83,000 + souls can rack up such an abysmal record it really is reason to give pause and ask if 'anyone knows where they think they are taking us and if they have any idea what they are doing?'.

Local 'mainstream media' seem to be avoiding story like the plague

They also seem to be practically deaf and dumb on the whole issue. Wonder why?

The Bulletin agreed with the motion of May 5th, claiming in an editorial that council did the right thing. The fact they would like to appear as member of the fifth estate while condoning government censorship is far less than comforting. Of course, that may be unfair since they likely have never been a member of the fifth estate, and should more credibly be called a shopper.

The Daily News on the other hand should be subject to a less forgiving standard seeing they are the only legitimate mainstream press in Nanaimo and you would like to think would be at the forefront of championing freedom of speech etc. They were also the sponsors of the cancelled event which likely cost them some hard cash as a result of the last minute cancellation. Wonder why they are being so quiet?? Things that make you say mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Then of course there are the local radio and tv outlets who have little interest in any 'story' they can't dumb down into a 15 second clip.

This is a BIG story which has gained national exposure, and the local media seem quite content to just continue slumbering along in their usual fashion.



  1. Well said, Jim. Nanaimo's City Council has lost all credibility with the public. Nor is it likely a Vancouver PR firm will be able to re float this sinking ship.

  2. Yes, both the News Bulletin and the Daily News have disgraced themselves in not defending our basic freedoms. Perhaps they have caught something from covering too many Council meetings.


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