Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The 'Real World' vs Nanaimo City Hall

A recent article in the local Daily referred to the severance pay being offered to employees of Canpar who are being laid off as Loomis is now taking over their contracts. The article said the union would be arguing for larger severance packages as what is being offered is 2 days for each year of service, according to Federal guidelines.

That is an example of the 'real world' which is in sharp contrast to the world of the entitled and privileged that work for the city of Nanaimo.

Consider the following examples of severance pay recently paid out, courtesy of the Nanaimo taxpayer:

Jerry Berry .........$480,000

Per Kristensen ...$272,473

Douglas Holmes .$239,602

Andrew Tucker ...$136,247

You might be wondering "who the hell has been watching our tax dollars?".



  1. The worst part about this story is that none of this is criminal. It is all legal. Our system has been hijacked to pad the pockets of people at the expense of the taxpayer. They hose us without regard or concern. There is no second or even first thought about how difficult the financial lives are for most people. They simply jack up our property taxes year after year and feed at the trough. My taxes have gone up every single year for 10 years now. It is patently ridiculous.

    And yet, none of this is criminal. They made it all legal.

    Worse, we let them do it. The bulk of the voters that show up on election day constantly vote these same people in.

    On election day this year ensure that you show up and do not cast votes for Ruttan, Brennan, Kipp, Johnstone, and Anderson especially. Those five must not be re-elected.

    Devon Kruggel
    A Nanaimo Ratepayer

  2. The fox is guarding the hen house! It's how the system works because those that have the most to gain have made it that way. The principal these greedy grabbers use is: If Peter gets a raise, severance,or bonus then I deserve one too. Narcissistic manipulation at its best. The world is broken.......
    Cliff Marcil

  3. I've been watching our tax dollars.

    It's that grey billow of smoke off in the horizon.

  4. AND it is all done 'In Camera', behind closed doors! we only find out after the ink on the deal is dried, and the cheques has been cut!

  5. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore......"

  6. A big difference between shutting down operation and getting rid of someone becuase you don't like them. Canpar jobs are being made redundant because of overlapping of staff etc. We still have a city manager position and other positions these people held. I believe these people were asked to leave due to conflict with concillors and senior staff. So yet again we as taxpayers are paying for the ego's of City Councillors. That is what I believe!


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