Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Is City Hall Afraid Of Now??



More Democracy - 'Nanaimo'Style'??

What in the world is this city council up to now? Do they actually have any idea how this looks like they are afraid of what an investigation into the Leadercast fiasco will reveal if it proceeds in an open council? Does Nanaimo really need anymore bad press?

Councillor Bestwick's 'notice of motion' was read in open Council by Councillor McKay at the end of the July 14th city council meeting. Basically this motion (as I understand it) calls for an independent investigation into the events that led up to the Leadercast simulcast cancellation of May 5th.

For reasons unexplained we are now being told this is a 'labour' issue and is therefore being taken behind the veil of secrecy offered by the in-camera process. Those familiar with how information can be controlled and manipulated will take no comfort in this piece of manoeuvrings which once more would remove all public scrutiny.

If the suggestion is that this will somehow implicate staff, and therefore needs to be done in secret, it raises the reason for suspicion even higher in my humble opinion. If there is nothing to fear, then why the need for secrecy?

Ezra Levant will be in town tomorrow with Mr. Carpay hosting a BBQ at Maffeo Sutton Park, and while his style is 'over the top', perhaps he might have an opinion on how this city council is proceeding with the investigation that led to the Leadercast fiasco. Is this another example of how this council thinks that democracy should be administered? Only involve the public, when it is convenient, and shut them out when it means you might be held accountable?

I hope we are not heading for even more unwelcome national attention  with this latest example of 'Democracy - Nanaimo Style".


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  1. When will those at City Hall, elected or non-elected, realize the public and media have the BIGGEST stick when they want to use it.

    And it looks like we'll have to pull it out of the closet - again!

    Remember the last time we used it? Council had to back down with egg on its face - to a national audience!


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