Saturday, August 02, 2014

Band 'Knew Nothing' About $912K Salary

A National Post article reports that the First Nation band 'knew nothing' about the huge wage and bonus paid to Chief Ron Giesbricht.

The article quotes band members as saying they we all mad about this and are going to be asking for an independent audit. A former chief went on to say he wanted the public to know the membership knew nothing about this and if it wasn't for the new transparency act, I don't think we ever would have known.

A band member said that until know most chiefs made $34,000 per year with a $1000 bonus at Christmas time. The total band membership numbers 85 according to the article.

It is claimed the bonus was for an $8,000,000 capital project, although no one can give any details about such a project. The band did receive an $8,225,000 payment from the provincial government as a result of a recent 'land sale'.



  1. I understand that one explanation of the "bonus" is that it was linked to some earthworks contract that the band has supposedly been awarded related to the Evergreen Line. Has anyone managed to look into that "nest" any further and is it possible that SNC Lavalin is somehow involved?

  2. Is SNC Lavalin involved in the Evergreen line? From the Vancouver Sun today:
    Kwikwetlem chief defends his $900,000 salary and bonus

    Band says Evergreen Line project brought in unexpected millions

    Read more:

  3. More food for thought. Were these really accidents? EGRT is SNC Lavalin and Graham Construction, The following is from the Tyee News:
    "Work on the Evergreen Line has paused at least three times since the February meeting after safety incidents.

    On March 14, a 300-tonne span shifted on the guideway over Como Lake Road in Coquitlam. Later that day, a fire was reported on the tunnel site. Those happened a week after Premier Christy Clark's tunnel boring photo opportunity. On June 17, a crane gantry collapsed on North Road in Coquitlam. EGRT later blamed operator error for the incident."


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