Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bestwick Withdraws From Mayoral Race

Friends, supporters
I have been forced to reconsider my run for Mayor.  A terrific and unexpected opportunity has thrown me in a tailspin   following my declaration a week ago.  To which I have no explanation other than poor timing, which is understated.
Sometimes life throws you curve balls....
Thank goodness this happened now and not in a month from now.  Regretably this opportunity did not emerge a month ago.  I am humbled by the support you have shown me and trust you will understand how the magnitude of this decision given the recent offer, just received.  I am deeply indebted to each of you. 
The good news or the silver lining is this opportunity will allow me to remain and pursue a Council seat and voice on a strong new team.  And for that I am grateful.  
Thank you for your understanding and continued support,
Bill Bestwick


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  1. Go for it Bill. We need some common sense on this council, so wherever you are will be great. Thanks for being a voice of reason.


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