Friday, August 08, 2014

Bill Bestwick Announces Bid For 'Big Chair'

Fresh back from vacation, lifelong Nanaimo resident and third term city councillor, Bill Bestwick has announced his bid for Mayor in this coming civic election in November.

I believe Brunie Brunie is the only other declared candidate for the city's top elected position at city hall. As is the usual case in Nanaimo, rumours abound as to what other challengers may be waiting in the wings including the incumbent John Ruttan, one time contenders Roger McKinnon and Jim Routledge are also names being floated around at the water cooler and local coffee shops.

The other 'Bill' on council has had his name associated with the top spot on council as well.

It is not even mid-August yet and interest is picking up to see who will fill the 8 council seats and 1 Mayoral seat up for grabs this November. This next election is also the first time that the term has been extended from three to four years.


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  1. So its even more crucial to get out and vote so you have something to say for that extra year plus three.


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