Monday, August 18, 2014

Canoe and Kayak Club Win $25,000

Nanaimo Gets Fantastic Promotion On TSN

Nanaimo Canoe & Kayak Club entered the contest which they won
Resulting in TSN/Kraft Celebration Tour coming to Nanaimo
Mobile live broadcast studio airs live on TSN from Nanaimo
Kraft Foods free BBQ was popular with everyone, the lineup never stopped
Nanaimo crowd provides enthusiatic back drop for live broadcast
Kraft presents $25,000 cheque to Nanaimo Canoe & Kayak Club

The Nanaimo Canoe & Kayak Club entered the Kraft Celebration Tour contest which resulted in them winning $25,000 to help build their new boathouse on Long Lake, They are one of ten communities that are still in the running for the $100,000 grand prize to be announced later this month.

During the event Kraft Foods provided a first class BBQ which saw a never-ending stream of folk lining up. They also were handing out a variety of samples of their different products which they were dispensing by the skid-load.

During the broadcast portion of the event there was a one hour live broadcast which appeared on TSN as well as several different promotion pieces that were being taped to promote the show as well.

Hats off to the industrious and hardworking folk with the Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club who single-handed got some first class promotion for Nanaimo via TSN. We just couldn't afford a one hour commercial on that network, and we got all that great coverage for free!


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