Monday, August 04, 2014

Cappy Yates Park Cleaned Up

Gates No Longer Closed

What has been an ignored eyesore in the Old City Quarter area for several years got a much needed cleaning up recently courtesy the Young Professionals of Nanaimo. You may remember them as the group who also transformed the 'Barney' building downtown.

This prime piece of real estate, referred to as Cappy Yates Park, is not truly a park at all, but a privately held piece of land which one day will likely see a condominium development of some kind being built upon it.

When I took these pictures which show the result of all the overgrown brambles having been removed, and a new gravel walk installed, I asked a young women using the path it the path was new. Her response was that the improvement had just been made, and previously you would not have wanted to walk through the area.

Other than the current clean up there are several different ideas being floated as to what the end use may be for this area, which does command a good view over the city downtown.


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  1. hi, love the Young Professionals vision, sad though, I have lived in cities who would clean up properties like this and bill the owners, there are a lot of lots in the downtown core which need to be taken care of... same issue if one takes a walk on Wallace north of Cappy... who owns that property... ? it too should be cleaned up.. disappointing, council needs to teeth to get lazy landowners to take some ownership over the area.


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